Shipment of your purchase.

If you order a print on canvas via OH MY PRINTS then the shipment will also be taken care of by them. OH MY PRINTS can ship your order to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland. You can indicate this with your order.

Would you like to send a print on canvas to another country? This is possible if you want to have the print printed on the Xpozer material. This is a print on a sturdy roll-up foil with a foldable mounting frame that can be packed in a sturdy shipping tube.
In this case, Tessera Gallery can take care of the order at OH MY PRINTS on your behalf and then forward the package internationally to your country of choice. In this case, please contact us about which design you would like to order and in what format.

Would you like to buy a handmade mosaic and have it shipped (internationally)?
I can send your purchase insured on request in a (very sturdy) packaging.
In that case, please contact me so that I can make you a proposal about the term and costs associated with the shipment.